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Terms & Conditions of Business for Holiday Let Changeovers/Holiday Home Cleaning and Laundry Services 

Please read over these terms and conditions before booking.

These Terms and Conditions represent a contract between Norfolk Holiday Home Services Ltd (NHHS) and the Property Owner (Owner) and the Owner agrees that booking services by telephone, text, email or website forms shall constitute the Owners acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Holiday Let Changeover/Holiday Home Cleaning (Changeover/clean) will always be priced per size of property and not per hour and only after visiting the property.

If laundry service is required we will price separately.  For back to back changeovers it will be based on three full sets of linen being available.  If the Owner requires NHHS to store any of their laundry off location this is at the Owners risk  

NHHS requires that all new properties have an initial deeper clean.  And for holiday let’s then at least two deep cleans per year with one prior to the start of any holiday season.

And then unless otherwise agreed a changeover/clean is as follows, clean on departure, the interior of the property ready for the next guests or arrival, this involves the usual day to day cleaning of bathrooms, bedrooms, sitting room and kitchen, including appliances, floor coverings and spot cleaning of interior windows/glazed doors accessible without a ladder.

A changeover/clean does not include oven deep cleans, cleaning exterior windows, balconies, terraces, patios, gardens, garages, sheds, summerhouses, outside furniture, barbecues and pet waste removal. (those are considered extra services and priced separately and must be requested)

For health and sanitary issues, our housekeepers will not handle any human or animal waste or body fluids. (those are considered hazardous cleaning and priced separately and must be requested)

If there is a gap in bookings NHHS recommends a refresh maintenance clean prior to new arrivals, because there may be an accumulation of dust, dead flies and cobwebs etc.

NHHS will not check every lightbulb every changeover. It is recommended the Owner keeps a stock of spare light bulbs and batteries in the property. 

On a back to back changeover day NHHS cannot accommodate requests for guests early check-in or late check-out.

If the Owner chooses to supply their own supplies or amenity pack for guests, the Owner is responsible for keeping a stock in the property, if not these are considered extras and the Owner will be charged accordingly. For changeover properties a lockable cupboard is recommended. 

If the Owner requests NHHS to supply a guest starter pack of logs, kindling and firelighters, unless otherwise agreed this will be from October to March. 

If a holiday let property is subject to more than one week occupancy and no mid-term clean, there may be an extra charge for the extra cleaning involved. 

If the property has been left in an unacceptable condition and extra cleaning is involved there will be an extra charge.

For properties that allow pets we require that the Owner provide a suitable quality vacuum cleaner, as there may be a possibility of cross contamination between properties.

When pets have visited the property there may be an extra charge for the extra cleaning required. We do not provide pet waste removal. 

NHHS is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by guests or from wear and tear. 

In the event of a cancellation of a scheduled changeover/clean the Owner agrees to pay 50% of the original price if less than 24 hours notice given. 

The Owner agrees to pay 50% of the original price of the booked changeover/clean if NHHS arrives at the property and are unable to gain access through no fault of NHHS. Or if the property has not been used since our last clean.  If keys are provided they must open all locks without any special efforts or skill.  

If the Owner or their guest is not satisfied with the cleaning service after a changeover/clean, NHHS will assess areas of dissatisfaction and rectify any substandard areas by re-cleaning providing the Owner or their guests has not attempted to rectify areas themselves.

Due to the nature of the service, all complaints must be reported within a maximum of 24 hours of the changeover/clean being completed.

The Owner will be charged for any other call-out to your property for any other reason.

The Owner undertakes to comply with all legal requirements concerning fire, health and safety regulations and any other applicable regulations from time to time applicable in respect of the property if utilized for rental and letting purposes and to comply in full with all current legislation governing insurance, public liability, electrical and gas safety regulations, fire and furnishing regulations, and all other legal requirements.

The Owner agrees that after the termination of our services they will not hire or use any cleaner or cleaning services provided by a present or past cleaner introduced to the customer by NHHS. If the Owner wishes to hire or use services provided by such a cleaner then the Owner agree to pay NHHS a referral fee of £250.

Value Added Tax at the current standard rate is applicable to all prices.

Payments – invoices are emailed with full payment due as per the terms on the invoice, without any deductions or set-off of any nature whatsoever. 

In the event of any breach of the agreed payment terms, NHHS reserves the right to suspend the provision of services at any time.

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