Terms of Business 

Important – by using our service you agree to the following:
  1. Norfolk Holiday Home Services Ltd (herein referred to as NHHS) operate the business as a cleaning/guest changeover service, laundry, linen hire provider and from time to time may offer other commercial cleaning, under the terms and conditions below. For the purposes of this agreement, the ’client’ is referred to as the individual, business or representative acting as, or on behalf of the property owner.
  2. By requesting NHHS to provide services by any means: telephone, text, email, website form and or direct conversation – the client accepts that these terms and conditions are binding as an agreement.
  3. Changeovers/cleans are quoted on a set rate, not per hour and will not differ depending on duration or occupancy. 
  4. The time is not valid on appointment confirmations, changeover cleans will be done between 10am - 4pm.
  5. NHHS reserve the right to amend the initial quotation should it become obvious that the client’s original requirements have changed.
  6. Working with or around contractors, and or other service providers at the property can require more time to complete the same work and NHHS reserve the right to amend any quote and charge accordingly. Prior notice to NHHS should be given, where possible, if you have booked a contractor to be at the property at the same time as NHHS scheduled changeover.
  7. NHHS requires that any property joining our changeover service has an initial set up clean. And then at least two deeper cleans per year, with one prior to the start of the key holiday letting season.
  8. And then unless otherwise agreed a changeover/clean is as follows, clean on departure of a guest or client’s stay, the interior of the property, this involves the usual day to day cleaning of bathrooms, bedrooms, sitting room and kitchen, including appliances, floor coverings and spot cleaning of interior windows/glazed doors accessible without a ladder.
  9. Unless otherwise agreed, a changeover/clean does not include oven deep cleans, cleaning exterior windows, balconies, terraces, patios, gardens, garages, sheds, summerhouses, outside furniture, barbecues and pet excrement removal. Those are considered extra services and charged separately.
  10. NHHS cannot remove and dispose of any overspill household waste and recycling left by guests If the outdoor bins at the property are already full.
  11. If an area in the property is considered or has the potential to be considered a biohazard (e.g. vomit, blood or other bodily excretions) that area will not be cleaned by a housekeeper. Those are considered specialist commercial cleaning and charged separately.
  12. If a property has been vacant for at least a week or more, a maintenance clean will be undertaken prior to new arrivals, because there may be an accumulation of dust, cobwebs and dead flies etc. Unless otherwise instructed by the client, we will assume this is accepted and proceed.
  13. NHHS will not check every lightbulb every changeover. It is recommended the client keeps a stock of spare light bulbs and batteries in the property.
  14. If a NHHS member is unable to access a property on arrival, ie; the guest been advised another check-out time other than 10am, or is refusing to leave until later. A charge may be applied equivalent to the time spent waiting for entry. If the NHHS team member has to return at a later time, NHHS reserve the right to charge for any associated costs.
  15. On a back-to-back changeover day NHHS cannot accommodate requests for guests early check-in or late check-out.
  16. If the client chooses to supply their own consumables or sundries for their guests, but requires NHHS to replenish these items, the client is responsible for keeping a stock in the property which is accessible without a ladder, if not these are considered extras and the client will be charged accordingly.
  17. If a holiday let property is subject to more than one week occupancy with no mid-term clean, there will be an extra charge for the extra cleaning involved.
  18. If the property has been left by the client or guests in a much less clean condition than would normally and reasonably be expected and extra cleaning is involved there will be an extra charge.
  19. For properties that allow pets NHHS require that the client provide a suitable quality vacuum cleaner, as there may be a possibility of cross-contamination between properties. And there may be an extra charge for the extra cleaning required due to pet hair.
  20. A booked changeover or routine service may be postponed or cancelled up to 24hrs prior to an agreed starting time. The request must be per email or direct telephone call with NHHS management and needs to be confirmed by NHHS to be valid. The client undertakes to be liable for 50% of the original fee should the request be made within less than the 24hr period.
  21. The client agrees to pay 50% of the original fee of the booked changeover/clean if a NHHS member arrives at the property and it has not been used since our last clean.
  22. For holiday let properties keys should be available in a lockbox outside the property for the changeover to commence. If an NHHS member arrives at the property and keys cannot be located and or access is not possible for other reasons, and as a result the clean has to be abandoned, the client will be liable for full cost of the changeover. If access to the property is delayed for any reason upon arrival of an NHHS member, the proportionate cost of this delay will be passed on to the client.
  23. The client has the responsibility to deactivate any alarms, and/or share with NHHS the passcode information to disarm any devices. No responsibility for the triggering of an alarm system or costs related to a response will accepted by NHHS.
  24. NHHS reserves the right to suspend or cancel a cleaning service, if there are problems with the access, water or electricity supplies, or problems working around other contractors and or service providers, or interference from any party. The client will still be held liable for the full cost of the agreed service.
  25. Should a client or their guest not be satisfied with a clean, NHHS will assess area of dissatisfaction and rectify any substandard area or item by re-cleaning, at an agreed time and day, providing the client or their guests has not attempted to rectify themselves. Due to the nature of the service, NHHS must be notified within a 24hr period. Failure to do so will nullify any re-clean or action to rectify.
  26. Where there is any black mould, hard water stains or limescale there is no guarantee that the area in question will be able to be restored to its original condition, NHHS will have taken care to make all reasonable attempts to do so.
  27. If contractors and or other service providers have visited the property within the 24hrs after the completion of the clean it will nullify any re-clean or action to rectify.
  28. Where NHHS has been advised after 24hrs, we will investigate and rectify at the sole discretion of NHHS. This could be at the next clean or if possible make other arrangements to do so, when possible.
  29. NHHS has insurance to cover for accidental damages caused by an NHHS member at point of service. In the event that the NHHS member was unaware of any breakages or damage caused, the client must notify NHHS within a reasonable timescale with details and images of the item/area in question.
  30. The client will be charged for any other call-out or requests to attend the property for any other reason.
  31. When entering into an agreement for services with NHHS you agree that you must not, unless we give prior written permission, directly or indirectly engage, employ or contract with any employee of NHHS to provide domestic or commercial cleaning services to yourself or an associate of yourself for any period during which services are provided by NHHS and for a period within 6 months after the termination of any services we provide.
  32. The client undertakes to comply with all legal requirements concerning fire, health and safety regulations and any other applicable regulations from time to time applicable to short-term let accommodation.
  33. The client agrees to indemnify and keep fully indemnified NHHS on demand from and against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and claims incurred by or arising against NHHS of whatever nature in connection with this agreement and/or the provision of the services including without limitation the payment of third party expenses and fees and any claims by the client’s guests.

Linen Hire & Laundry:
  1. Client’s that require NHHS to launder their own linen it will be quoted separately for. For properties that accept short breaks with back-to-back changeovers it will be based on multiple sets of linen being available. 
  2. Client’s own linen, soft furnishings and mattress protectors must be labelled clearly, otherwise NHHS will not be liable for any loss.
  3.  If the client requires NHHS to store any of their laundry off location this is at the client’s risk.
  4. Client’s that hire linen from NHHS. Charges quoted are per week/per month/agreed hire period and no reductions or refunds will be made after the commencement of the chargeable period. The usage (Laundering) charge is per changeover. 
  5. Client’s will be responsible for the hired items during the hire period and will be charged the replacement new cost for any loss or irreparable damaged caused to the items whilst they are with the client or any third-party staying at the client’s property.
  6. Hired linen and towels are not to be removed from the property and are not to be laundered by anyone other than NHHS.
  7. Hired items remain the property of NHHS at all times.


  1. Payment terms and dates are to be agreed by NHHS and the client following the initial consultation.
  2. Invoices will be emailed with full payment due as per the terms on the invoice, without any deductions or set-off of any nature whatsoever.
  3. In the event of any breach of the agreed payment terms, NHHS reserves the right to suspend the provision of all services at any time.

To request a PDF copy please email: info@nhhs.co.uk

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