Keeping you and your guests safe

Norfolk Holiday Home Services has always operated to the highest cleaning standards. We employ rigorous cleaning protocols across all the holiday homes we clean and whilst operating under the shadow of Covid-19 we have raised these standards to even higher levels. We are not aware of any other holiday let cleaning company in North West Norfolk offering this level of hygiene and cleanliness as standard.

We have developed a deeper cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting regime for every changeover, using solutions that are certified to BS EN1276 & BS EN14476 -  our viricidal / bactericidal disinfectant is proven to kill Coronavirus, as well as all the other common viruses and bacteria that are still in circulation.

Antiviral disinfectant misting

Following the deep clean, the property can be disinfected using a misting technique – this process atomises a disinfectant solution into a fine mist and creates a complete cloud of disinfecting microscopic droplets.

The droplets enter the whole room being cleansed and help sanitise every aspect of the area, walls, floors, furniture, soft furnishings and surfaces. The disinfecting mist gets into every area, and parts that normal cleaning could never reach. 

Disinfection to this standard will be completed between every guest departing and prior to all new arrivals. All pillows, quilts, mattresses and cushions are also sanitised using the same technique

All linen, towels and bedding are always washed to Government advised standards, using professional hygiene detergents which kills 99.99% of known bacteria and viruses

What’s the difference between cleaning & disinfecting?


Cleaning physically removes dirt and impurities from surfaces or objects. It does not necessarily destroy harmful bacteria and viruses. It prepares surfaces and objects to be disinfected 


Applying a disinfectant for the correct contact time on cleaned surfaces and objects kills harmful viruses and bacteria on surfaces, lowering the risk of spreading infection. 

Our products are approved to:

What is BS EN 1276 and why is it so important 

BS EN 1276 certification means that a cleaning product is antibacterial. It is a European standard used in the hospitality industry and food preparation environments that standardises the effectiveness of disinfectants. To qualify for this standard, a disinfectant must effectively kill 99.999% of bacteria within 5 minutes of use.

What is BS EN 14476 and how is it different to BS EN 1276

While BS EN 1276 pertains to being bactericidal, in other words prevents the growth and spread of harmful bacteria, BS EN 14476 certification means the cleaning product contains antiviral ingredients and is required to kill viruses, including Coronavirus

Woolsafe approved

Woolsafe is a worldwide standard for quality carpet and soft furnishing care. Woolsafe cleaning products are recommended as the safest and most effective means of cleaning soft furnishings, carpets and woollen rugs